Ferran about the basics part one: Tomato Sauce

This basic recipe definitely is an enrichment worth a share. My advise for you: Tomato paste / sauce is something frequently needed. Cook it big time and fill it in pretty glasses, like this you have your own basic tomato sauce for every occasion, not only useful and pretty, even more will it add a super awesome taste to your meals.

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For 2-4 persons you’ll need:

Olive Oil
4 cloves of garlic
2 chopped onion
1 can chopped tomatoes (good quality!)
Pinch of salt, pepper and sugar
Some fresh basil leaves

Alright, heat up some olive oil, don’t be stingy! Turn down the heat a little before flavoring it with your whole garlic cloves and few seconds and few golden cloves later your onions. You don’t need to chop them carefully as your sauce will be filtered in the end anyways.

When most of the oil is ‘gone’, poor your chopped tomatoes into it and let them cook at middle heat for a while (10 to 20 mins). Meanwhile cook your pasta with lots of salt. I like mine soft so I cook them long, but that’s really up to your own taste. Very nice are the little ‘Gnocchi’ pasta that I used in my pictures here, they keep sauces (=taste) inside perfectly.

When your pasta are done, add a bit of sugar to your sauce, whisk and filter it (directly on your pasta or another bowl). The creamy sauce you’ll get by filtering already tastes freaking great without doing much. What I do next (mostly because I hate throwing away food but also cause I love garlic), I keep the unfiltered ingredients and flavor them with a good portion of pepper!

I whisk pasta and sauce, add basil and a very little bit of sour cream with herbs (special advise over here: Dr. Oetker, Créme Fraîche mit Kräutern, der absolute Geheimtipp!!). Then I put my pasta on a plate and add a spoon of the “leftover” mixture on top of the pasta.

Well that’s it, thank you Ferran, I just can’t get over about how good this is  :) Enjoy!

Source: Ferran Adrià: The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adria, 2011. (ISBN-10: 0714862533)
*Ferran Adrià enjoyed the title of being the best cook of the world. His restaurant (‘el bulli’) was close to Barcelona, Spain and unfortunately closed in Summer 2011. 

4 thoughts on “Ferran about the basics part one: Tomato Sauce

  1. William says:

    How many kilos of tomatos are in the tomato can?
    4 cloves of garlic and 2 chopped onion: you are going to kill the 2-4 people.
    ok, stop kidding.
    I had two grannies, one from the south of Italy, one from the north.
    None of them used pepper: if you want a strong southern tomato sauce, use hot chili pepper.
    The difference was: the one from the south used 1 (one) unchopped clove of garlic + “extra vergine” olive oil; the one from the north 1/2 (half, or even less) chopped onion + butter.
    The salt is: more or less 1/2 spoon for the tomato sauce and 1/2 spoon for the boiling water (not a tea spoon, a spoon for the soup).
    The sugar in the tomato sauce, a pinch.
    Ok the basil for the southern version; you may fry 3-4 cm of rosemary with the onion + butter in the northern version.
    15-20 minutes cooking both the versions.
    Personally I don’t filter the sauce, too; normally I use the southern version without basil, sometimes adding the rosemary.
    TOTALLY NO sour cream with herbs , this is not Italian cuisine, it doesn’t exist in Italy.
    Add real italian parmesan cheese in the end in the northern version or try, if you find it, pecorino (sheep) cheese (the hard one, not the fresh) for the southern receipt.

    1. kristinsnomnom says:

      Actually this recipe is Spanish, not Italian. But I appreciate your effort in describing the differences, thank you so much.

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