Second Priviet…Lenas ‘Krebbel’ (Fried Tartes)


So this would be the add from my Borscht-post! You can eat these ‘Krebbel’ with your soup, they are not so hard to make and add perfectly to the sour Borscht. I added an Argentinian, sweet version below, it’s easy and so tasty, you should really try it.

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All you need to mix is the following:

500ml of soured milk
2 eggs
1 1/2 cups of sour cream
3 Spoons of Oil
A hint of salt
2 packs of baking powder
+ a lot of flour, think we used nearly 1,5 kg.

Mix that together until you get a ‘good’, smooth dough. Then you cut out little pieces with a hole in the middle and flip one side through the hole (as shown in the pictures!).

Then you fry them in hot, very hot oil until beautifully golden, and done! Dry them in a bit of paper towel.  Приятного аппетита!

Sweet, Argentinian variation:

These are known as a sweet variation in Argentina and are called “Tortas Fritas“. You can search and compare different recipes for them on the web, the way how they are done and how they look is similar, you just roll them in sugar after the procedure explained above. But there are lots of different recipes, as I learned this fried little cakes are appreciated in a lot of different places around the world, just google around a bit, maybe you prefer a different one.

I think all the three fit perfectly together for the beginning of winter: You eat a nice and warm Borscht-Soup with the salty Krebbel and with the dough leftover you prepare nice and warm Tortas Fritas as dessert, nomnomnomnom!

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