Tarta de Cebolla de Silvina – The Onion Cake

This onion tarte is an absolute win, I promise. Everyone always loved it, I already made it for breakfast, lunch, dinner and other occasions. As you can eat it warm and cold it is nice every time of the day. It’s a salty cake that is not so hard to make and where you can’t do much wrong, though you will be crying a lot chopping your onions ;-).

The recipe is Argentinian and I got it from Silvina, an in Argentina born and in Germany living woman, talented cook and loving mother. Everything she cooks looks and tastes great, plus she never gets stressed out with it and it always seems like everything comes very naturally. I really like that about her and I seriously think it adds to the good taste of a meal.

Please try baking that tarte, bring it to parties and enjoy it. People will already love it sober, but I tell you they will go crazy for it drunk (talking by experience…). I’m sorry for the bad picture, I will post better ones as soon as I get to bake that holy composition again.

For the dough you need the following: 

180g Flour
80g Butter
A bit of salt
1 small egg
White wine (as much as you need – until the dough gets slightly moist but still good to roll out)

For the filling:

4 big onions
50g Butter
5 eggs
250ml cream
50g grated cheese
Salt & Pepper

The preparation is pretty much obvious, you prepare your dough whisking together all ingredients, be careful with the white wine. When you dough is of perfect consistence by your opinion, put it in wrapping film and leave it in the refrigerator for about 30 mins.

Next you roll it out thinly and place it in your baking pan, best is a real tarta-baking pan (the wide ones with the thin and wavy frame, awesome for the look).

For the filling you roast all your onions in a pan with the butter until they are very smooth. Let them cool down and add the rest to the mixture, then pour it on your dough. Turn on your oven to 170° Celsius and bake until the color seems good to you (like a bit of golden brown mhhhh yummy).

*Extra: If you want your tarte to be covered with dough, you simply double the ingredients and use the other half for the top.

** Another extra: The dough is a real tasty one and you can also use it for other salt cakes. I made a little Pasta Basket out of it. You can bake that in a plate sized pan (preferably with a high frame). Just put it in the oven and when your pasta is done place them in your basket and your guests have a plate to nom away! Fun and looks good.

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