Emilias Story

While I was shooting this 9year old girl, she started making up and expanding a history on her own, maybe just for fun, maybe to get a better feeling for the pictures and a story behind it. Anyway I found it so very interesting what she did, that a few of these pictures will be the first ones posted here together with her little story.

She was a girl that grew up in Munster, Germany that had to run away when there was a big fire at the families house and her parents died. She was around 4 when it happened, and she had to escape with her older sister, finding their way through deep German forests. Together they learned about living in the wilderness, just barely met other people, starting to be afraid of them. One evening when her sister went away to get firewood and Emilia waited for her in the dark, she never came back and the little girl was all alone.

Lonely but brave she continued her way, living with animals rather than humans and sleeping in caves. One day she found a big old bag, that she carried everywhere as her companion. She could put things inside and also use it for herself, as protection or to sleep in. Only once she met a men that carried her for a little while and got fer friend.

Please watch how great she played her little made up role :)

Actually the story Emilia made up is one that lots of children already had to live, for example after the 2nd World War when a lot of children had to find their way back from the east alone, when they’ve lost their parents. These kids are called ‘Wolfskinder’ in German. If you’re interested in this topic, following I’ve provided two links for you, one documentation and one PDF to read. (both in German though!)

* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xk2kMA8-pMI&playnext=1&list=PL019EB94AF7575B8A&feature=results_video

** http://www.politische-bildung-brandenburg.de/publikationen/pdf/wolfskinder.pdf

And if you like the photos, watch them in better quality here on flickr, where you will from time to time also find more:

*** http://www.flickr.com/photos/mllechambre/sets/72157631455869432/

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