Mrs. Stones Sweet Potato Snack

This is one of the easiest and because of that most fun recipe. Why? Because it taste sooo good and is so little work!

My friend Kat Stone, who is one hell of a food addict (<3), discovered this delicacy while living in Barcelona and showed it to me while I was visiting.

What you need is just as many sweet potatoes as you want to eat, for 2 persons one or two might be enough. You only cut them in little corners (don’t even need to peel them!), preheat your oven and prepare a bit of baking paper. You place them on that and just handle them like fries made in the oven. Wait until they’re good! If you want you can season them before, however you like to, but they taste great how they are.

Serve them with Aiolo or Tzatziki, the tastes work so great together.

You can eat them with barbecue for example.

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