Emily Strawberry

This summer I grew strawberries on my balcony (which is a lot of fun by the way, do it!), and after several months they started to grow very quickly with the original fantastic wild little strawberry taste. One day I was having friends over for barbecue in the evening, I had so many strawberries that I wanted to do a nice dessert for the dinner.

I had a ready-made puff pastry in my fridge, so I just made up a little cake recipe.

My friends really liked that cake and told me to do it again, but the way my little four year old niece (Emily) feasted it away convinced me the most to post it over here. She loved it so much while she is usually not too crazy about food and rather eating baby portions, this evening she ate more of that cake than I did.

It’s very easy, done quickly, good for parties and kids, as you see.

Be prepared..

…with a puff pastry (I always bought them done at the German supermarket, because they taste great, are cheap, and are no work at all)…
…as many strawberries as you want to…
…vanilla pudding powder…
…that you mix with milk or natural yoghurt.

Follow these steps:

1. Bake your pastry in the oven until it crisps up a bit. Take it out again. It might look ugly, that will change in the end (promise)
2. Wash & cut your strawberries.
3. Prepare a nice and tasty cream out of your vanilla pudding powder, I mixed it with yoghurt&milk, don’t let it get to thick, as it’s pudding and it will thicken up a lot in the oven anyways, and you don’t want the cake to be too dry. Check the taste, you might want to sweeten it with sugar.
4. Fill the pudding onto your pastry and add the strawberries.
5. Bake at around 170° just until the pudding thicks up and gets a nice color.

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I just remembered that the dough at the sides got a bit dry when I made the cake last and figured it could be nice to spread some egg yolk onto it before putting it into the oven in second place. Will look nicer too! Try it!

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