What Taha told me…Part II: The spicy salad!

Turkey is a country with an endless range of great food and their fresh taste will be pointed out by this simple salad recipe. I will work hard to get some other Turkish recipes for you, already got one in mind!

This is probably one of the easiest salad recipe, which will still be different and new for most of you. If you’re into spicy food, you will adore this.

Taha (if you remember, the great cook that made the Kazakh food) always adds to his dinners some salad. It is a very easy and light salad, that goes great with heavy meals like Plov, which is basically made out of rice. He prepares 2 salads that look alike, but watch out, one of them is with chilies! I enjoyed his salads so much that I keep doing them wherever I go, with a lot and a lot of great responses.

What you need:

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A Cucumber
An Onion
A Chili
Salt, Pepper
Grape Vinegar/Wine Vinegar
The juice of 1 Lemon

Okay, some detail for the preparation of the sauce, because I know how quickly that can go wrong: You can prepare your sauce in a different bowl, but I would squeeze the lemon directly onto the salad. But be careful there, start with half a lemon, and add the rest in the end by taste. In a different bowl, Have like 2-3 spoons of the vinegar and give it a good good pinch of salt and pepper. Add it to the salad, mix it all together. Try, if it is too boring for our taste, add some paprika spice for example. You can also add some garden herbs.

… and you get a salad that is always done quickly, that is healthy, goes with quite every meal, and is still different if you add the chili. Taha told me that the secret of the great taste is the vinegar. Back at home I bought red one and I really liked it.

To vary the heat of the salad you have to ‘cooperate’ with the chili. If you cut the whole chili into pieces and leave the pits in it, it will be a lot spicier than when you first cut the chili half and remove the pits.

If you want to go for more heat, prepare your sauce several hours before serving the salad. Cut your chilies, place them in a little box, add the lemon, vinegar, salt&pepper, put it in your fridge. I did that once and liked it a lot!

You can of course do the chili thing to a lot of other salads too, if you’re into it. I will soon provide you with a very very summery recipe for a Couscous salad, that also goes great with the chili.

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