Sweet Potato Chili – Day 1 and Day 2

This Chili is a composition I created on my own, using vegetables I thought would be good mixed with general Chili-Recipe basics. Me and my roommate liked it so much (especially the second version from day 2) that I’m sharing it here with you. I’m still missing many things in my kitchen here in Vietnam, but that day I still wanted to cook something nice because I went to a big mall to buy some food.

I’m not giving this recipe any geographical orientation, because it’s mostly just improvised. By hearing ‘Chili’ most of the people think of Mexico, which is also a disputed legend, as it comes out to be an American recipe. I found a side discussing the origins of Chili with some very interesting tales, read up on it if you wanna know:

So, when I lost control last week in the Vietnamese Metro, I bought all of that for my Chili:

Onions (used 2 small ones)
Garlic (used about 4 gloves)
1 Carrot
1 Kohlrabi (found this as a translation to English, tell me if I’m wrong!)
2 Sweet Peppers (green and red, used a half of each)
1 Sweet Potato (use the ones that I really orange inside, couldn’t find them here unfortunately)
1 Can of red kidney beans
1 Can of corn

And for the sauce I used:
Canned tomatoes (1, in pieces)
1 Chili
Some cream
Salt, Pepper & Sugar

Day 1

What I did was just a very regular procedure of cooking Chili. I started with roasting my onions and garlic in some olive oil, adding the sliced vegetables one after another, roasting them a little. The last ones were the red and green peppers, following some water and one whole can of tomatoes in pieces. I spiced the tomatoes though before, as I wanted a strong sauce. I put the canned tomatoes in a bowl, added one whole slices orange chili (which was a bit too much, by the way, so go for half of it or take out it’s pits before) and flavored it with sugar, salt and pepper. Like this I’d let it cook for about 30 mins or even more. About 15 minutes before serving I added the kidney beans and corn to it, as well as some cream so thicken and soften it a bit.


With some meals like Chili which are very strong I like to have a few things fresh on the table. For this Chili I chose the following: Cheddar cheese, scallions, tomatoes and some little eggs simply cooked. They come from a very small chicken breed, I will try to get it’s name for you. You can get these eggs everywhere over here and I love them. I served m Chili with rice, cooked in a rice cooker, which is definitely the BEST thing to have.

Day 2

We had lots of leftovers and we ate it again on the day after, with some little changes but huge change in taste. Mostly because it was a hint too spicy the other day and the chili taste would overwhelm the rest, so I changed it like this:

I heated up the rice adding sliced plantains and while heating up the Chili in a different pot I added 1 mango, more cream (still not more than 100ml) and one ‘shot’ of coconut milk to it. I can still taste the mix of sweet and spicy when thinking about this, it was incredibly good and the rice with the plantains made it perfect. Together with that I served again cheddar, scallions, some baguette and soy sauce this time. (the soy sauce was super awesome sprinkled a bit on the rice before adding the chili)

If you like a mix of sweet and spicy, go directly for the Day 2 recipe. Anyways I would advice you to use just half a chili instead of a whole one ;-).

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