Dip it Vietnamese: The ‘Nước Mắm Sauce’

What an enrichment, easy to make, rich in taste, obligatory for the previous ‘Banh Bot Loc‘ cake.

To get a regular bowl of this sauce you need 5 nice cloves of garlic and 2 red chilies which you grind in a mortar. To that you add 6 teaspoons of sugar, the legendary and oh so magical fish sauce until  it’s liquid enough and a thumb sized piece of lemon squeezed into it. Done!!!

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“Dip delicate spring rolls in nuoc mam, a fish sauce that, for the Vietnamese, is as compulsory as ketchup and is the pungent secret of Vietnamese cuisine.” Lonely Planet Vietnam.

6 thoughts on “Dip it Vietnamese: The ‘Nước Mắm Sauce’

  1. Tiu Cao says:

    By the way, nice pictures <3
    I love them. I feel more honor, happy and deserve when I see that the pictures you took is so beautiful like this. Thank you! :)

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