This weekend you’re going to travel to Belgium. With these dreamlike waffles!

Hello everyone, it’s finally Friday again for the most of you having busy weeks, and I want to make you a special gift with this recipe: the best waffles from all over the world, Belgian Waffles. For many of you this years summer is over and you’re enjoying (or probably hating) the golden color changes outside that the rainy autumn days are bringing. You might even have had a hard week at work or university, or feel terribly tired from a lot of partying, as I know about my hometown loves, who just have had an amazing week at our Beer-Festival. However, weekend is to relax and enjoy life, enjoy food, and give up strict rules!

Here’s how you will find total relief and comfort, invite friends, or family over for these waffles, happiness all-in.

1kg Flour
A pinch of salt
3 packages of vanilla sugar
7 eggs
600g of melted butter
2 little packages of fresh yeast
1 cup of warm milk
600g of coarse sugar

Oh yes, there’s a whole lot of butter in there and no, this weekend you shouldn’t think about any calories. But happiness, don’t forget the happiness!

The most important for the original taste of these waffles is the yeast and the sugar! Don’t use normal sugar, you’re waffles will be way to sweet and miss the whole eating-belgian-waffles experience. You need to use the coarse sugar, you might know it as decorating sugar, it’s the one with the really big sugar lumps, the bigger the better I would say ;-) Add these very carefully at the end to your day, because they should definitely stay that big for the sensational eating experience.

You basically just mix flour and vanilla sugar whilst you’re melting the yeast in the warm milk. Then you add all the ingredients except the coarse sugar to it and beat it for a few minutes. Leave your dough covered for at least 30 minutes and let it arise. Just before baking them in your waffle iron (best would be a square one, but all irons are working perfectly fine) add the sugar to them.

And then just try them out! You will recognize that they take much longer to bake than regular ones, but they should be huge to be authentic, so I think it’s totally worth it taking the time and stand by your iron, baking them for about 10 minutes. You can serve them with whatever you like, lots of cream, fruits, or ice cream. I made them twice, second was for my mothers birthday this February, where I wouldn’t leave the kitchen anymore, because everyone just continued ordering waffles, until there was (finally!) no more dough ;-). Unfortunately I don’t have the best picture of the done waffles, because I remember them to be much bigger and nicer, so please please, just try them out yourself!

* One addition here: If you have dough leftover, bake your waffles, let them cool out and freeze them. Whenever you feel like eating one, take it out of the freezer and just put it in your toaster – done. Awesome for breakfasts at lazy sleepy mornings :).

The history of these divine waffles started in the middle ages, where they were served in little stalls on front of churches at feast days of saints and special celebrations. Thank ‘god’ we don’t need special occasions for them anymore, a happy weekend is enough, and when traveling to Belgium the smell of them enchants every city trip.

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