Another Rescue-Recipe-Lesson: How to spice up your Instant Noodles!

You wake up after a rough night, you come home late after a day working hard, you have no time and no energy to go the supermarket. But damn it, you’re hungry… All you can find left in your kitchen (that is also done quickly): A 50 cent instant noodle soup. First thought, oh yes, perfect. Second thought, how should that ever fill me up, or even, how will I feel better after this?

Ha, here it comes! You should see your 50 cent packages only as a part of your soup. And you simply add to it whatever you have at home, whatever you like, whatever you think will taste great. I learned that from my roommates Vietnamese mother who lives back in  France since a long time, but didn’t forget her culinary roots. She is called ‘Bich’ and before I left their house she served me an incredibly great soup, made with on the basis of instant noodles. She added some vegetables and the dry meat of a chicken that was cooked the day before. In the bowl she placed salad leafs to make it even look fancy and healthy.

Because I liked it so much she gave me like 10 packs of the instant noodles she had at home, and I cooked all of them, always different, and it was always great.

The last time I took pictures of it, and I prepared it like the following:


What I had that day, was one last package of the pink ‘Demae Ramen” soup, which is a Japanese brand of instant noodle soups. Pink ones are I think the ones with the shrimp taste, and that’s what I added. I boiled about 500ml to 1l of water with some vegetable bouillon. I added a few frozen vegetables (mixed, something like ‘summer vegetables’ if I remember right). I let these cook a little while I add the spice mixture that always comes with the noodles to the water and flavor my shrimps with a Vanilla-Chili-Salt (best thing to have, by the way). After that, when the veggies are nearly done, I added the noodles and shrimps to it, let it simmer closed for about 5 minutes.


And that’s it, Bon Appétit!

* Since I ate a lot of Asian soups in the past 5 weeks, I want to add on to this a little: On your table you can prepare the following to add to your soup nice&fresh:

Bean sprouts, lots of herbs and other veggies, if you like, lemon (!! squeeze directly into your soup mhhh), chili paste and chilies.

** Another add! When I do my soup now over here in Vietnam, I eat it quite always with an egg, like this you get it served here in South-East-Asia too. Heat up a pan with a lot of oil, add a few thinly sliced onions, open your egg in a bowl and add it to your pan carefully and roast it from both sides about 2-3 minutes.

*** When you’re living over here (or not but love to shop in Asian supermarkets), you can get these nice frozen things to add to your soup, like little fish sticks and tofu.

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