Give me some Hausmannskost! The good old German ‘Lentil-Stew’

This is very German recipe and It is not something for everybody I think and it is neither a meal that looks super nice and yummy, but you may be able to imagine its great taste by reading through its ingredients and preparation.

I just cooked it this week for m new friends over here in Vietnam, and clearly it was too weird for a few of them. But I also cooked it a bit different to how I will explain it to you, mainly because of a lack of money and ingredients over here ;-). I will try to provide you with the classic version, that will always remind me so much of m Grandma Margot. She cooked this stew a lot of times for me, especially when I was young, and even though it’s not a meal that kids will be attracted to by the look, I always looooved it so much!

First of all, some call it lentil soup, some call it stew. I call it stew, because I like it to be heavy and thick, and I want my lentils big and soft (this unfortunately didn’t really succeed with my lentils over here). Anyways, try it out! Go get the following:

500g of dried lentils
2 onions
a few garlic cloves
2 bay leaves
4 potatoes
2 or more Carrots
1 leek
2 good pieces of pork belly meat
3 sausages (frankfurter style)

You should check the package of your lentils for the indication of the ‘soak-in’ time. Some need only 30 minutes, others about 12 hours. I wasn’t sure about mine, I let them soak in for a few hours. You can cut your pork belly pieces in speck-like slices and start with roasting them in oil, adding one after a another your garlic, chopped onions and then your 1-2cm sliced vegetables. Of course you could do a vegetarian version of this stew, but I’m saying the Speck is really essential to the taste! After you roasted everything, you add one liter of boiling fond to it, vegetable or beef, how you prefer, and add the bay leaves and your lentils to it.


The stew can cook for an hour or more if you want to, and you can add the potatoes at the last 20-30 minutes if you want them to stay a bit harder.

You basically wait for everything to be done, and see if you’re confident with the consistency of your stew and your veggies. You can flavor with salt, pepper, sugar and vinegar. You can add a little sour cream if you want to, I would just serve it on the table with the stew in a little bowl. If you like to thicken your stew you can do a simple roux!

Freshly served with it:
Sour Cream
Sliced Tomatoes
Balsamico or Soy Sauce

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