Vietnamese Omelette

Over here in Vietnam I ate the best simple omelette’s. In the pan they would rise up like I’ve never seen it before, and the taste is so outstanding that you just have to wonder about WHAT DO THEY DO TO THE EGGS!!! So I kept my eyes open and watched out when I saw my friends preparing them, and with speculating a bit about the Vietnamese cuisine I finally solved the mystery! Correct me if I’m wrong ;-).

The big secret is – like in most of the Vietnamese dishes – ‘nuoc mam’, simple fish sauce! You have to try it out, it adds an amazing flavor and makes your egg rise like in the following picture as soon as they hit the frying pan. Please don’t be frightened by the smell of this sauce, I know it has a very strong perfume, but added carefully to your meal it creates little miracles and stays gentle in taste.








Make sure you add enough oil to the pan, it’s important for the crispness and makes you turn the omelette easily afterwards. Also the pan has to very hot. Before you turn the omelette, lift it up a little at all the sides, so the liquid egg on top get’s a chance to bake as well, making it easy for you to turn (like for everything else, they do this with chopsticks over here!). I myself use Ferrans method for turning the omelette, which is using a plate, placing it on top of your pan, and simply turn the whole thing.


For an omelette of 2 eggs  I used 1 spoon of fish sauce, and I also added a spoon of a mixture that I saw them using a lot here. I’m not sure what it is, but I think it’s a mixture of sugar, salt and something else, basically used to flavor meat. It comes in a Knorr package ( But I still believe that the fish sauce is the basic ingredient! To be more specific with the measurements, I think 1 tablespoon of fish sauce should be enough. Whisk well.


When I prepared it for myself I fried some bacon in the pan before I fried the omelette, and well I say, bacon is always a plus to the taste ;). With this I chopped a cucumber and prepared it similar to the spicy salad recipe.

For variations: You can fry finely chopped onions in the pan, until they are all smooth, before adding your egg mixture. Serve with whatever you want, classic would be just some coriander leaves. Enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Vietnamese Omelette

  1. chuoinuong says:

    Omelette with bread is my favourite breakfast. Ussually for my omelette, I will use butter instead of oil.It makes my omelette smell better. I will wait until the pan is very hot, put a little butter into the pan, then waiting for the butter to smelt,then add some slices of white onion,and then the egg mixture. and finally, I will add a little pepper to the omelette. This is perfect to eat with bread, cucumber,soy sause and chili sause

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