Dulce de Leche…. for a better world!

Here’s my biggest secret. Here’s Argentinas secret. Here is how you do the best cream in the world. Dulce de Leche. 

I first had this at Silvinas house, spreading it on pastries like Croissants and Bread, and I reacted just like everyone who is a stranger to this: What is it and how did you do it? 

That’s why I am now preparing it all the time and give it away to friends, they think I’m a genius for something that is super easy to do, hehe. If you have friends or family from Russia, you should definitely try this out and give it to them. The base for cooking it yourself is ‘sweetened condensed milk’, which Russians use to dip in cookies.

In Argentina you can buy Dulce de Leche, when you’re living elsewhere in the world, you prepare it like following:

1. Buy a can of ‘sweetened condensed milk’, take of the paper sign, like this you can use the can later on, leave it plain or decorate how you want.
2. Boil it away for about 2 hours. Either by leaving it closed in a pot (like this you have to stay close to the pot all the time to ensure that there’s enough water inside, if not you will have to deal with a huge mess!) or you can just use a double boiler. You empty your milk in a second smaller pot, and let the water in your other pot boil on medium heat. Make sure the water does not enter in the milk pot, you can close it. Stir it every 30 min and make sure there’s still water.

3. And that’s it. That’s it! Afterwards you will have a thick cream and you will get addicted, that’s for sure. You can eat it straight away, hot, on Pancakes, Crèpes or Brioche for the frenchies, or any other Pastry, just dip it in and enjoy, or spread it on bread combined with a little bit of butter. You can put it back to the can and leave it in the fridge, so you can just use it for breakfast, and when it once got cold it will even thicken way more.

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Here in Vietnam it’s actually the only sweet thing I have at home (besides the nutella can my Australian friend bought for me the other day :) ), and some simple butter crackers. So sometimes I make myself a little cracker sandwich with Dulce de Leche inside, tastes freaking great. Another time I made really thin pancakes, more like crèpes, and I made them salty because I exchanged the sugar can with the salt can, they tasted really really horrible. The only way to be able to eat these pancakes was making a pancake-dulce de leche-layer cake! Because it is so very sweet it made a great contrast with the salty pancakes. 

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