Avocado Rice Salad – The Barbecue Hit

Another composition of my hungry head! This one is easy to prepare but different to what you usually see as salads. Most important is the avocado, that will make people wonder and love it! It’s extremely refreshing, perfect for hot summer days and a barbecue with friends and family.

I usually do it with couscous, last week I used rice for the first time and it turned out really nice.

Get the following for this: 

Rice / Couscous
Avocado (1-2 for about 500g of rice/cousous)
3 colors of bell pepper, use a half of each
Corn to your taste
1 Onion
Mint, a lot of mint!

For the sauce: 
Again, lemon!
Some vinegar
a little oil
Salt & Pepper
If you can get ‘Vanilla Chili Salt’, add a hint for an extra special taste

I like this one spicy too, so I slice a chili and let it soak in the sauce for a while. If it’s spicy enough, I will filter the Chili before pouring the sauce over the salad.

Cook your rice / prepare your couscous and let it cool down. Meanwhile chop what needs to be chopped. Mix with rice / couscous and poor one or half a lemon. Also chop at least a handful of fresh mint and mix it. Check the taste, I keep whole mint leaves to decorate the salad right before serving it.


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