Vegan Cinnamon Curry


This is my December recipe for all of you. THE december recipe. With it’s strong taste of cinnamon this Vietnamese curry will have you ready for christmas and all it’s beautiful moments of getting together and enjoying the best food.

I ate this first cooked by a Vietnamese girl who is a passionated artist and chef. She was so kind to send me the recipe and when my friends from Germany came over to visit me last week I cooked the vegetarian version of it and everybody liked it a lot.

The few things you need for the big wonder:

2 sweet potatoes
2 potatoes
2 carrots
2 taros (if available in your country)

And for the wonderful flavor: 

1 tsp. chili powder
1 tsp.turmeric
3 whole sticks of Cinnamon
Some Anise
Curry powder

Slice your potatoes, carrots and meat. You start with frying your curry powder together with the whole cinnamon sticks in a lot of oil.


Next you grind garlic and ginger in a mortar until they get a little creamy. Add this to your pot/pan!


Following a few spoons of curry powder with 1 or 2 sliced little red chilies!


Next add water or vegetable stock (2 litres at least I would say) and add your veggies. Let everything simmer for about 2 hours. I would suggest to let it cool down and heat it up again just before serving, adding a little garlic if you need a stronger garlic taste. When warming it up again, don’t forget to take out the cinnamon sticks. Add the chopped basil and I used some thick coconut milk to thicken it up a little bit, got this suggestion from my Vietnamese friend and student Nhi. Adjust spice, and curry flavors to your liking, of course!

Recooking this again, I would like to add: Cook the broth for up to an hour to develop wonderful flavors, but add in the vegetables a little later if you would like them with a bit of a bite. I personally love root vegetables boiled really soft, but that’s a weakness and I know it :P.


Traditionally it is served with white bread (typical French Baguette), of course you can also serve it with some fresh rice.

Mhhhh nomnomnomnomnom……

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