Bánh tráng nướng – The perfect cake

vietnami This little “Bánh” (translated: Cake) is sold everywhere around Saigon in the evenings. First time I passed by a little oven making one, I got seduced by the smell immediately and it’s my big love ever since, as you can see in the following picture!



Today I’m so happy to share the recipe for this great snack with you. A huge huge thank you goes out straight away to our lovely friend ‘Banana’, She brought everything to do the ‘Banh Trang Nuong’, showed me all the steps, even brought the coal stove, some meat wrapped around lemon grass and Taiwan meat balls to barbecue. Together with some of the best people and lots of BaBaBa Beer we had a wonderful Vietnamese evening.

I think you should be able to cook this even when you’re living outside South-East-Asia, will try to help you out with few variations as always :).

To get started, from an Asian grocery store you should be able to get these:


This will make the base, like the dough, of your, let’s call it, Pancake.

For the filling you’ll need the following: 

About 250g minced pork
Shallots / red onions
A few spring onions
Dried baby shrimps
About 20 quail eggs
Hot Chili Sauce

Before you actually do the Banh Trang Nuong, you prepare the meat and shrimp mixture. Both get fried mixed with a good amount of spring onions. Banana likes to marinade the minced pork before, though it’s not obligatory. But yeah, do it!! Over here we use the Knorr mixture that I already mentioned in the Omelette recipe. If you don’t have access to that, just use a little salt, pepper, and some meat flavoured stock powder, one shallot and some oil. Mix that well and heat up a pan. In more oil fry another half of a shallot and add the meat mixture. After a few minutes add two or three good hands full of spring onions.


Fry the baby shrimps in the same way.  Now you’re good to go. If you got the equipment as in the following picture, just get your coal burning and start making your first Banh Trang Nuoung.


Spread Butter on the rice paper and add the meat mixture first, and afterwards the shrimps. open up two quail eggs on this and mix with the rest. And your Banh is ready to go! Put it on the stove, add some hot chili sauce and close the cake. Now roast it from both sides until it’s done, should take not much more than 5 mins. If you don’t have a similar stove, you can use your oven on about 300° celcius!


And that’s it, it’s very simple! It’s usually eaten with the hands, with some paper wrapped around it to be able to hold it without burning your fingers.

If you can’t find any rice papers, I think the filling will also be super awesome in a Crêpe!

Thank you so much Banana :) Hope we’re cooking together again soon!

The Chef!
The Chef!

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