The Perfect Smile

Let’s go shopping. Let’s buy shampoo, for the perfect hair. Buy shower cream and body lotion, for the perfect skin. Let’s buy make up to hide yourself under a perfectly beautiful surface. And let’s get some extra white toothpaste, so you can finally smile brightly without worrying.

Let’s go shopping in a western country. Get some tanning lotion or spray, so you can tan your unhealthy looking white skin and look like you’ve just been sunbathing.

Let’s go shopping in an Asian country. Get some whitening lotion, shower cream and deodorant. So you can try to look different from the rest of your nation, more like these westerners, that are trying to look more like you, down there.

I know this is the way of the world. And I do know I’m no different. But thinking about all this just makes me feel terrible, especially when I think about all the smiles I see in South-East-Asia, which were just the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I tell them they’re beautiful, but they refuse it. They still won’t stop smiling.

You don’t need perfection to fascinate. It doesn’t matter if your skin is a tone darker or lighter. It’s the view through your own eyes that keeps you unsatisfied about yourself.

This is the first collage of the most perfect imperfect smiles I’ve seen so far. I hope you can feel what I feel seeing them, even though you haven’t experienced what was behind the picture. I hope you can feel the shyness they hide behind their bright smile. Like a lady cracking up because I’m taking a photo of her, and not her friend, that is considered more beautiful. Or the little boy who is lacking some teeth and wearing a sweater at 30°. Or the girl by the magical scenery, who is undoubted incredibly beautiful, but didn’t want to have a look at her picture.


The perfect smile


Take a look at yourself through the eyes of the others.


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