Schnitzel Pot! You need some protein!

In the spirit of going back to Germany for Christmas I have to post this. You might have already heard about Schnitzel, the wonderful piece of meat in the crispy bread crump coating, what we call “Panade”? Mhhm, super yummy, but this is even better! It’s a whole pot of Schnitzels, topped with a mixture of ham, onions and mushrooms in cream, crowned with cheese and baked in the oven!

Ingredients (for about 8 persons)

8 pork filets
250 g mushrooms
400g ham
3 onions
600ml cream

This is how you prepare a real Schnitzel: 

With a meat tenderiser hammer your meat until it’s very thin. Flavour it with salt, pepper and red bell pepper spice. Prepare 3 bowls. One for flour, one for scrambled eggs and one for the bread crumbles.

You turn your meat in the first, second, and the third bowl. If you’re not confident with your ‘Panade’, repeat the procedure. Then fry your Schnitzel in a lot of oil in a frying pan, few minutes from both sides, or in a deep fryer.


As you can see here, for the whole pot I only used flour, no crumbles. You can do it both ways, without the crumbles it’ll be a little less messier with all the sauce in the end.

In an oven bake you layer your fried meat.


And then get ready for the top layer. Cut your onions,  mushrooms and ham into small pieces and fry them too for a few minutes. Add cream with some herbs (like parsley and chive to give it a fresh note) to them until it gets saucy and a bit liquid. Poor your mixture on the meat layer, grate with some cheese and bake it for about an hour on 180°.


This is the perfect meal for parties. It goes great with potatoes ‘au gratin’, as you can see in the following pictures. It’s sooo easy to do too, will provide you with the recipe soon!

Guten Appetit!

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