Ball so hard, Santa! // Rum & Baileys Truffles ***

germanyTo all the ballers! You’re lazy and don’t know a thing about baking? You still wanna show off for Christmas or NYE with something really fancy and pro-looking? This is for you! These little truffles that we call ‘Rum Balls’ (Rumkugeln) are very popular here, they are super fat and taste great (goes hand in hand i know), plus they look great and like complicated to prepare. But they’re not, easiest thing! Ah, and not to forget, they include alcohol :)


Ingredients for ‘Rum Truffles’

600 g dark chocolate (buy plain 200g blocks)
180 g butter
2 spoons pf raisins in Rum (let them soak in Rum as long as you can, best around 24h)


You have to grate all the chocolate, so if you don’t wanna feel like shooting yourself, do it with a food processor. To the grated chocolate you add the butter, best melted or soft and the raisins and work it to a nice mass, ready to form balls out of it, use a teaspoon for it and don’t make them too big, looks nicer! Turn them in chocolate sprinkles (white or dark) and keep them in the fridge. THAT’S IT!

P1100637 P1100649

Ingredients for ‘Baileys Truffles’

600 g white chocolate
1 pack of butter biscuits (Leibniz, of course!)
130 ml Baileys
130 ml cream


Grate the white chocolate and the biscuits. Add Baileys and cream and let it cool down for a bit. Roll them to small balls in the same way as with the rum truffles. Then decorate with liquid chocolate or almond cream or chocolate sprinkles.

P1100651 P1100652

My best friend Natalie makes these since 5 years and everybody looooves them! Natalie hates cooking, just to point out that this si the best recipe ever, easy, simple, fast :) i hope you get the chance to make and enjoy them! Tell me about it plz!

Ah and for the Baileys truffles, Natalies mum Lena, known from the Borscht recipe, wanted to do them with Amaretto instead of Baileys, because she loves it so much, and, to quote her: “The one who doesn’t risk will not experience!”, ha loved that so much. So we did them with Amaretto instead of Baileys and it was fantastic!

So, as always, feel free with whatever you’re longing for.




ps. sorry about the quality of the pictures, forgot my camera yesterday!

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