Bánh mì qui rit – Vietnamese Baguette


The French colonization in Vietnam went on for nearly 100 years starting in the middle of the 19th century and left their marks not only in the architecture of remaining historical buildings, or in the language that adopted a few things or Vietnamese people that you stumble on and start speaking French all of the sudden, no it also left his marks when it’s about FOOD! When coming to Vietnam you will wonder about how you can buy fresh baguette in every big supermarket and everywhere on the street. They eat it like this with dishes like the Vietnamese Curry, but basically they make tasty little sandwiches on every street corner, for you to take away and it is called “Bánh mì”


Most of the Vietnamese people love their Banh Mi with meat paste, a fried egg, cucumber, chili and soya sauce, but when it’s about these sandwiches I prefer them veggie and always order them as my French friend showed me, with lots of the famous “La vache qui rit” cream cheese, only that I add an egg to it. It’s so easy to make at home, you should go for it and do a few Vietnamese sandwiches for your friends, I made them at home and I’ll now tell you what you need to get a bit of Vietnam on your tongue! This is for two Sandwiches. Check out the pictures for better understanding.

Two 15cm long white baguettes
Half a cucumber, peeled and cut into thin and long slices
A white and a orange carrot, cut the same way.
Two eggs, fried both sides in LOTS of oil (OP LA in Vietnamese /french: au plat)
Soya sauce
“La vache qui rit” cream cheese

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Get everything ready to stuff your baguette, cut the veggies, and spread the cream cheese on both sides, use two corners of ‘La vache qui rit/the laughing cow’ if you’re French or just love it cheesy, one is also OK I’d say ;-). Of course you could go with any cream cheese, but to keep it Vietnamese, use this one, cause this is the actual one they always have in their little wagons, a thing I am always wondering about, as quite no Vietnamese would take it. Anyways, we’re lucky they have it so we foreigners can go for a change when we don’t feel like Asian cuisine a day.


Ok, back on the recipe! Stuff your bread with the sliced veggies and heat up a pan with more oil than you would usually use to fry your eggs. Open your egg up in a bowl and chug it in the pan when it’s hot enough. With a chopstick you swirl the yellow of the egg, so you get the tasty stuff everywhere. Fry for a bit, turn around, fry for a bit, don’t let it dry out, cut half, and add it to your baguette. Add soya sauce and if you’re a badass, add some sliced chili! That’s it, Vietnamese snack to go!


Chúc ngon miệng! 

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