1min reading: Change, ambiguity, birthdays.

Happy birthday.


Do we say, hey, praise the lucky day when you were born? Or rather more, be happy you made it through another year, you’re still alive, let’s celebrate you’re one year older?


What are we celebrating when we’re getting older?


What are the big birthday parties all about?


Is it more about the past or the future?

Everything we have done and seen in that past year or the mysterious future that we can’t wait to explore or that we fear. The chance to work on things we considered as mistakes, or to pass by moments in which we felt like we’re never going to get that old.


We celebrate and cry about getting older at the same time. Is it change that makes us feel all ambiguous?


Instead of thinking that we’re losing something a little more, year by year, getting older, making our way, we should think about everything we can gain each year if we believe in it.

And if a glass of Vodka helps us to stay positive…why not!


(c) kristinzimmer

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