Ngan’s magic dip, nomnomnom!



My friend ‘Ngan‘ showed me how to do this dip when we were eating “Phở” together. This is, out of all the many many Vietnamese soups, the most famous one. You normally make yourself a dip in a little bowl on the table, or just take one of the sauces that are on the table, as chili or hot chili sauce. But this one is a bit of everything together and it tastes sooooo magically good. It’s to be used for the meat in your soup, but most of the people I showed it to wouldn’t stop to dip their noddles and bread in it.

That’s what you need!


The creamy dark ‘Hoisin Sauce’
Hot Chili Sauce
A nice chili mix, something like Sambal Olek
The little green magic lemons

You mix everything together deciding about how spicy and how much you want it to be, and that’s it! Perfect for barbecue and soups!


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