Instant Noodle Soup – Spinach Pimped!

This post is an addition to the “How to spice up your Instant Noodle Soup” post! When I was back in Germany for 2 weeks I already started missing my asian food, the everyday soups, etc. So I found 2 packets of Instant Noodle Soup left in the kitchen and made myself a soup, that I did a second time a few days later because I liked it so much. 

I simply cooked Spinach in the soup water with spices from the package and spices that I like (for example vanilla chili salt). When the spinach is cooked, I add the noodle and one egg, simply opened in a cup and then put into the boiling water. Water should really be boiling so that the egg stays in it’s shape!  This is also called a ‘poached egg’ 

And that’s it, a healthy looking and actually healthy tasting Instant Soup :) Have fun with it!


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