1 min reading: weekend, madness, money

This is about a bit of a sunday melancholie. 
When nothings happening. 
Only your head’s busy, 
but nowhere to go. 
pockets empty,
money spent,

The question for the end of this week is, 
does money give us the option to escape from reality?

In a world where anything and some ones can be bought,
money means power,
influences our characters,
used too often in bad ways,

does that make money the only emergency exit out of a reality that sucks?
into an illusion of ‘everything is possible’?

Finding fake smiles in overpriced drinks and fancy hotels,
thinking they are drinking gold,
when in the end it’s all just tab water. 
– and they shit the same way as the people from the street.
but they still think they’re gold. 

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