Aidas Fried Noodles with Chicken

aidaMy last trip out of Vietnam happened to be to the Philippines and was worth every minute and every penny. People are outstandingly friendly, believe me, and I was lucky meeting a couple of Indian origin that has been living in Manila for 5 years now who invited us to stay with them and made us meet a Filipino chef. Aida has been cooking for years now, always as a private chef at homes, and she still loves to learn new things. Spending 2 years in India, accompanying a family she has been living with, she perfectly learned how to cook Indian food, even though she doesn’t like the spices. That’s the thing that fascinated me most about her cooking. We were preparing an Onion Tarte for our friends and she was very interested in learning about it and having the recipe afterwards. Also she rescued the dough that got too cold in the fridge and was hard to roll out. Overall, she left a wonderful impression in and outside of the kitchen. To have a job that forces you to cut back your own family life and being there for someone else’s family 24/7 and to still love it so much and stay enthusiastic is a sign of great character and real chef spirit to me!

That day she was preparing simple fried noodles for us, and while I watched her cooking them I knew this one had to be shared with you:


Looks good, right??

Here’s what you need:

Chicken meat, whatever part you prefer
Spring Onions
Thick glass noodles, washed
Soy Sauce
Salt & Pepper

That’s all, pretty simple! Of course you could leave the meat out and have this vegetarian. Aida cooked the chicken meat in water before she fried it with the rest, like that she gets a tasty chicken broth and the meat is already done and doesn’t have to be fried several minutes. Be careful that it’s not getting to dry though! So she cooked the meat and then took it out, kept the broth, and cut the chicken into pieces like that:


Next thing: Wok, heat, oil and mhhhh yuuumm GARLIC!


Fry the garlic for a bit, add spring onions and chicken and fry together for a few more minutes. Add the finely rasped carrots, your chopped green salad and the washed glass noodles to it. Add your chicken broth to it and let noodles soften in it, wait until all liquid is gone, fry again adding some soy sauce, salt & pepper!


That’s all! Enjoy!

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