Jackfruit à la Filipina!

Jackfruit is a huge fruit that is cultivated over here in Vietnam and other tropical regions and by its look often get’s confused with the ‘stinky’ Durian Fruit that not many westerners are capable of eating. Jackfruit is much milder in taste and most of the foreigners have no problems eating it. The fruit can weigh up to 35kg and looks like this: 


And that’s what you find in the inside: 


The Filipinos showed us hospitality and generosity to the max, we passed by this family 2 times while they were sitting outside on the street, one evening drinking and eating, the next morning preparing food, in this case Jackfruit. They did not only invite us to have Jackfruit with them, they even gave us a bag of it for our journey and the mother of the girl who was preparing the fruit told me about how she cooks it to make it a ‘real’ dessert.


She told me that she only cooks it in sugar with water to sweeten soften it a little. Now that I am posting this recipe for you I felt like that’s never enough information so I contacted ‘Habbie’, a girl we met the night before and she gave me the perfect instructions. Here is the recipe for 1kg of Jackfruit (devoid of seeds):
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup of water

Create a sugar syrup by boiling the sugar and water over low heat. Dont allow to brown to much(unless you really like the jackfruit caramelized). Onced the syrup has become a goopy liquid put in the fruit and let it simmer for a good 10 min. to ensure that all of the fruits are cooked slowly in the sugar and that their flavors develop

Thank you so much for your quick response, Habbie! Hope to see you again soon.


: )

I will post a picture of the dessert as soon as I make it over here in VN! I will do it with sticky rice and keep you posted.

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