1 min reading: Beauty and Stereotyping


If someone tells you “Beauty is not debatable. One is either beautiful or not.”, how would you respond? 

I guess your immediate feeling would be something like hate & disgust, confusion & ‘What?’, because, obviously, beauty is subjective and a question of taste. 

But, is it? How obvious is it indeed? 

Isn’t stereotyping all we do and somehow, being a stereotype all we try to be now? Isn’t this what causes a lot of our problems, media promoting an image of beauty, making it everybody’s goal to be JUST LIKE THAT. Fighting about each kilogram and pretending they’re not, debating about “What is a hipster” and “Oh, whoever refuses to be a hipster is the worse!”.    

What the fuck is that word anyways and who invented it? Somebody did. 

How helpful is it in life to fit in the common image of beauty, and, on the other hand, how helpful could it be to be a bit ugly from time to time? 

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