Muffins – easy basic recipe

This is the easiest recipe, you don’t need much. Especially no animal products. And you can add in whatever you feel like, fruit, cacao, chocolate etc. It will always work. And you’re done in 20 minutes.I have it written on a post-it, sticking on my kitchen wall. I experimented with recipes back in Germany years ago, then baked them in Vietnam and gave a few freshly baked to my roommates Vietnamese family who are our neighbors. Aunt Thuy is a wonderful chef, I mentioned her before, and always when I cook I give her and her family a little bit to try. They are usually critical with western food and it just doesn’t give them much. Today something spectacular happened, for the first time she came up to my house afterwards and asked me for the recipe! That made me very happy and I felt like posting it immediately. 


You need (half batch might just be enough too): 

3 cups of flour
3/4 cup of sugar
1 cup of mylk (oat,rice,soy…or water!)
1 cup of oil
1 pack vanilla sugar
1 pack of baking powder/soda
2 flax seed eegs
A pinch of salt
Squeeze a little bit of a fresh lemon in or add a teaspoon of orange juice (my secret tip!)

Mix everything together well, add more sugar if you want them sweeter, make them chocolaty, make them fruity, they will rise and they’ll be delicious! Bake 25 minutes at 150°C or 300°F!

I know it doesn’t sound very delicious, using comparatively little sugar and oil instead of butter, but I tell you they are wonderful. Today I baked them with chocolate chips and to the second batch I added Cacao to the batter. You can also  bake them with blueberry’s or raspberries or whatever you are craving for. The basis is not very sweet, of course you could use more sugar if you want.

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