Homemade Pasta? No big deal.

Hey homies,
last week my Canadian boyfriend, who cooked in restaurants for about 10 years (smart move, ha?), blew my mind with his skills, because I’ve never seen anybody doing noodles on his own that fast and chill. Not a big deal.

We were in the mood to cook and I wanted to show him the carbonara sauce I learned from Paola from Turin, so we went to Starmart in Saigon, not really able to find everything that is needed. Including Spaghetti. So he said that’s alright, we’ll make the noodles ourself. I agreed but I did not imagine it to be that easy. this method is a lifetime gift!

You make a pile of flour. Put a hole in it. Fill it with as many eggs as possible without overflowing the flour mountain.

Done. Seriously, that’s the recipe.

You get a heavy non sticky dough to roll out, roll it out as thin as you can. We rolled it out with a beer can, that’s why our Spaghetti were uneven and fat. Still DELICIOUS though.

When you’ve rolled it ous as much as possible, fold it together like 3 times. Then you simply cut it evenly and you take your noodle out one by one! Hang them over something until you can cook them, a cable, for example.


No noodle machine, no rolling pin. Homemade Pasta. Thank you Murray.

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