easy-peasy pasta bake – tuna & broccoli featured

My first host in Ireland, years ago, called Margarete, lovely friend and mother, sent me off with this. A recipe that prevented Nina and me from eating shitty food all the time, because we would be so short in money with our unpaid internships. It was back then when I started discovering my love for cooking. Out of despair, haha. And certainly, our best days were the ones when I would make Margarete’s Pasta Bake. It is easy, very easy, tasty, and the ingredients are cheap.

You need:

500g Noodles of your choice (I prefer the little spiral noodles)
One Broccoli
A can of corn (if you don’t like corn, leave it out)
Can of tuna, as much as you want
Cheese, cheese, cheese.


You cook your noodles and broccoli a few minutes in broth (chicken, preferably.)



When noodles and broccoli are a little soft, filter them from the broth, keep the broth, mix noodles, broccoli, corn, tuna in a oven casserole, in another boil, mix creme fraiche and the broth, use as much as you want, depending on how liquid you think it needs to be. Poor over mixture, finish up with cheese, bake at about 180°celsius until golden brown – and munch!


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