Tenderloin in a creamy mushroom-wine sauce

That sounds classy na? It also looks classy. I made this for my family before I left Germany again, and it was truly the easiest thing to do that night, everything I used were leftovers, so this is a creation I made on my own, it turned out wonderful, everybody was like “Hey, so much effort, you must have so much to do already” and “how did you get the loin to be so perfect?” . It was awesome. I don’t think I wrote down what I did and everything just happened without big thinking or rules, but luckily I documented it with a lot of pictures and I hope I can get it right for you!

I fried the loin in a pan from both sides for about 5 minutes each side, until it got the nice color it has in the pictures. I put some pepper on it and immediately put it in an oven casserole, covered with foil.


Same pan, perhaps a little oil added, the sliced mushrooms and spring onions are to be fried. Not long, a few minutes, till all oil is gone, you deglaze it with some red wine. Till red wine is gone. Add a good spoon of creme fraiche (with herbs).

I fill it up with cream and spiced it with a good amount of, what looks like, the vanilla chili salt that I adore.


And that’s it. I cover the loin in sauce and let it cook in the oven (at like 180ยฐcelsius) for about 30 minutes, and make a cut to see if it is good. A great loin stays a bit rosy inside!


And serve it with an oven potato, or simply cooked salt potatoes! Nothing easier!


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