Saigon Diary – Message in a bottle: S K I N

S  eriously?

K  now we’re not richer than you, we’re not more beautiful than you, how can you be fooled by SKIN so much?

I   n fact we admire your skin color, or let’s say we don’t give a shit if you’re a tone darker or lighter. We’re clumsy. You’re freaking graceful.

N  o reason!

Money makes the world go round.

This is my message in a bottle to South-East-Asians (and of course Travelers of South-East-Asia). Important notice: I am not generally speaking. Never. What I am talking about are problems that every big city all over the world has to deal with. And bad experiences in Saigon weigh perhaps 30%, while 70% are beautiful, enriching and unforgettable. But today was one of the 30% days. And it somehow brought me down.

Today I went waxing. 2 girls waxed me for one hour. I was in pain. But it’s that two-sided kind of pain, you somehow like it, because you want the result to be at its best. Well. The result was really shitty, because my hair wasn’t long enough before they started. I got a 50% discount. They said it got lost in translation. I say it got lost in money, because there’s no body language over here that is more common than the one that says “Cannot!”.

Too bad.

This morning my boyfriends smartphone got stolen. At an outdoor café. He was surrounded by people, tables & chairs. It didn’t matter to the 2 guys on the motorbike who located a ‘rich white-ass’ with a fancy looking phone. They went through the chairs and grabbed it right out of his hands. Sorry guys, it’s a piece-of-shit-LG. It will make you a million richer, but some of your countries lovers hearts poorer.

I’m so sorry for his loss and my non-loss.

But not at all because of the money! Because I love this country but I want to leave so fucking hard.

Message in a bottle: Money makes the world go down.


I am aware of the fact that everybody wants to live well and nobody wants to just watch people having fun, they wanna have fun as well. So I don’t want to tell you ‘please stop trying to get rich’. But stop being so racist on your way. We could definitely raise the awareness in this direction, your behavior is racist, because in your eyes, we are not the same. Sometimes you’re giving us a hostile glance without any reason. And so many times you charge us more money. And then too often you look at us as if we’re angels that just fell from the sky. WE ARE THE SAME. same same but different!

Our white skin doesn’t make us rich. We come to your country because we’re poor in ours. And Ok, maybe here it’s alright, maybe we have more money than you. But that doesn’t change much. We can’t give you a discount at the restaurants when you come to our country. We just can’t.

Because it’s not fair.

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