The best (let me say it again), the BEST soup: Hu Tiu ‘A Lu’

Vietnam’s variety of dishes is phenomenal – Vietnam’s variety of soups is even more fascinating. There are so many different types of soups, varying in their broth, the consistency of the broth, the noodles, the meat/fish, the vegetables, the COLOR, all making them taste to completely different. ‘Hu Tiu’ is one of the biggest mysteries of all types – it will be so different everywhere. People use different noodles, sometimes it is more meat focused, sometimes you will get some shrimps with it, some places add one or two little delicious quail eggs, and normally you get some fresh green salad and thinly slices pork meat, sometimes a big pork knuckle and most of the times some tasty minces meat. There are many excellent Hu Tius (sometimes written Hu Tieu – hey VNese readers, what’s the difference???) – but this one, that is just around my house, is not only the best Hu Tiu, it is simply the best. The choise of noodles (they use the soft and thick once that you normally get in Pho), meat, the amount of salad, the tenderness of the meat, the broth, some spring onions, everything makes it so delicious. I tried hundreds of soups and I adore most of them, but this one will always be my favorite. I could eat it every day. I think about it for breakfast and I think about it for dinner. Unfortunately they are closed for Lunch (between noon and 6pm).

Please everyone living in Saigon, make the trip to Go Vap and order just ‘Hu Tiu’ and you will get this beautiful bowl (they of course serve a few variations of their Hu Tiu).


Oh hello.

Hu Tiu A Lu: 377 Cay Tram, W. 12, Go Vap District, Saigon.

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