Chicken / Pork Adobo

Yay! Third Filipino recipe. Only 3 months late. Shame on me. As always.

Adobo is one of the best things I had on the Philippines. It is a meat based dish that basically doesn’t have any other ingredients (haha), composed out of either pork or chicken meat (depending on your preferences or how much time you want to invest) soy sauce and vinegar. Sounds delicious? Not so much! Is it delicious? Oh hell yes!!!!


The only picture I have from the adobo I ate in Manila is rather a joke. Mostly because it is the tiny little bowl in the picture above, and basically you can’t see shit. Sorry about that.

BUT! today I wanted to cook and fortunately this dish popped into my mind. So I thought about some of the things Aida (the lovely chef I met in Manila) told me and checked a few different recipes that you can find online. And I went out to the markets and stores to get the following:

1 kg of meat (700g pork & 300g of chicken wings) You can stick with one kind of meat. 
Soy Sauce
Wine Vinegar
Bay leaves

  • I started by washing and slicing the meat. My mood rose immediately, I felt like a butcher.
  • I fried a head of garlic and half a big white onion in some oil. when most of the oil was gone, I added the meat, fried it for a few minutes,
  • added 2 cups of water
  • 1 cup of vinegar
  • and half a cup of soy sauce. I think I would do one cup if I would do it again. Make it one cup.
  • several (4,5) bay leaves,
  • one whole chili only opened at the end
  • pepper.

Let it boil. Then let it simmer for as much time as it needs. I think my pork meat became that wonderfully tender as it was after about 2 hours. The chicken was in there for about 40 minutes before I took it out.

So, when the meat is tender, you can take it out for a few minutes to focus and bring your sauce to perfection. I thickened it up by using half a cup of oil mixed with half a cup of flour. This mixture has to be added to the sauce at high heat, it has to be really boiling. After this I also added a little bit of soy sauce and sugar. You know what, try to thicken it up with a little gravy! I think it will add perfectly to the taste and it will make it a bit darker, what it is supposed to be. But don’t use too much, you don’t want to over-gravy the authentic adobo taste.

Put the meat back in, let it boil all together for 5 more minutes.

Serve with plain steamed rice.

I had 3 eaters, they were all crazy about it :). Can’t wait to have the leftovers tomorrow for lunch!

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