Crunchy Chicken Wings

Hey guys!

Today I had the biggest craving of mankind. I hope I am alright, but anyways, it is good for you. Because it will get you at least 3 recipes! This is one of them, because I bought to many chicken wings, they would expiry due to today, so of course I have to make use of them.

After a washed them, I put two paled garlic heads and half of a red small chili in a mortar. I mixed it all well with some oil. The more you will get the garlic and chili to join the oil, the stronger it will be in taste. With a kitchen brush or whatever you want to use (hands?) put a modest amount of oil on both sides of the wings. Sprinkle with other spices you like (salt or chili or pepper or paprika…).

Put them in the oven on high temperature (about 2240 – 240 °Celsius.). I think I had them in there for at least 30 minutes. They turned out great, not as strong in taste as I thought they would be, but it wasn’t a bad thing. Meat was tender and the skin was just sooo crunchy.


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