Saigon Diary: VN against VNese

Sunday is a wonderful day. Why? Sure, because you normally don’t work. We are English teachers in Saigon, so, we either work super little anyways, or especially on Sundays. No, sunday is a wonderful day in Saigon because Scoozi, the greatest Pizza place here, has the 2 for 1 pizza promo all day long.

We took our new housemate out to eat, she just got back to Vietnam after living in Singapore for 7 years. After we stuffed our bodies with 4 delicious pizzas, we decided we will go to the Casino to watch Murray gambling and cashing some sweet free drinks for ourselves meanwhile. Win-win situation. Not so much of a Nguyen-Win though, as it turned out our Vietnamese friend is not allowed to enter the casino. Why? No answer! But what if she just wants to watch? She doesn’t wanna play? Sorry, can not enter. Wow! I was shocked, I had no idea. I am also sorry for mistaken all the other gamblers as Vietnamese, that obviously must have different nationalities. Another lesson learned.

Well, let’s go for some delicious Yoghurt Ice Café on the street then!

The smallest, cheapest and least fancy places out here will still always be the best.




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