Saigon Diary: You’re welcome !

This week, following a new job, I moved to another district in Ho Chi Minh City. ‘Binh Tân’ District, being about 30min west away from the center, being a district rather unknown and almost always confused with ‘Binh Thanh’, its counterpart on the east of the city, does not have many westerners. It feels like living in a small village, I can walk to work and to get food, without constantly looking left and right taking care of my feet not being made one with the asphalt. Additionally to the peaceful atmosphere outside of the house that I have room in, I enjoy a huge balcony 3 steps out of my room.

So, on Friday afternoon, I took off to find two nice chairs, to sit outside on the balcony, that is even half-covered so you can enjoy a good book in a cozy sweater, no traffic noise, and in between the fresh scent of washed clothes – it is perfect.

I knew exactly what kind of chairs I wanted, but I had no idea where to find them. Some cafés have them and I always found them the most comfortable. I drove about 5-10 minutes and went past a little tea place that had these chairs- brand new looking. I stopped and the girl making the fancy ice teas spoke a little bit of English. As soon as I made her understand, that I am looking for a place to buy these chairs, she starts talking to her mother about it, who explains her where to find it, and, apparently, tells her daughter to drive me there! Sweetest thing ever, she took my bike with me on the back, and 3 minutes later we were at a small table/chair shop and found the perfect chair for 5 bucks each. Yay! We drove back and she kept telling me that my bike is too dangerous, she would still not let me drive and brought us back to her place. I had a milk-tea with jelly stuff inside and we talked a little bit. When it got dark, she told me to leave as they didn’t want me to transport the chairs in the dark. They knotted together two ‘ropes’ and tied the chairs on my bike so I could get home safe.

For her drink she took less than a dollar.

These moments…. unforgettable!



2 thoughts on “Saigon Diary: You’re welcome !

  1. Phuong says:

    I feel hope reading this post compared to what I just read through (the one about your delayed flight). I am Vietnamese but I am not from the South, so somehow I understand your feeling being a stranger in a totally new environment. Believe me, you will have all the fun & memorable moments there. Thank you very much for this post!

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