1 min reading: Wanderlost



The other day
I was driving through Saigon.
Downtown by the river
on Tôn Đức Thắng Street.

I looked up and gazed at the skyscrapers
I kept looking
at dozens of black birds
flying back and forth.

I knew I saw this before.
THIS scenery.
I knew I even took a picture of this!
But I wondered what it looked like.

All my wanderlust
left me lost.

It came out
This scene took place back at home
Where I came from
Grünberger Strasse
Kat’s house.

Wow! You birds got me good…

“I always wanted to get as far away as possible from the place where I was born. Far away both geographically and spiritually, to leave it all behind.” Paul Bowles.

Keep your wanderlust but make sure you’re not getting wanderlost. Don’t just run away. Enjoy the moment. Find happiness in it. Be aware of where you are.

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