Proud to introduce 2 new contributors to ZUPAdream!

I found that ZUPAdream and myself are ready for some freshness and new voices!

Chuoi – Banana

6584_10201247694502803_217091081_n She calls herself ‘Banana’ (Chuoi in Vietnamese). She has her roots in the center of Vietnam, and brings with her big smile and a central Vietnamese accent. Her friends enjoy especially the way she pronounces the word ‘Banana’, and that’s how she got her nickname.

 B is a little ‘rebel’, at least in the eyes of some Vietnamese, and that’s what makes her so special. She has big things in mind for her life and the will of a lion – to see the world and make her dreams come true. She already lived in the states for a few months and I hope she will be able to make other dreams come true. At the moment she works as a tour guide, never too tired to drive around Saigon visitors on the motorbike and tell them about the city and Vietnamese life. I’m sure it is a tiring job but I never hear her complain about it – she loves positivity.

 Besides all this, she is a great cook herself. She cooked in my kitchen before and showed me things I thought were complicated, making them seem easy, as Sushi and ‘Banh Trang Nuong’. Plus, she takes great pictures and has a huge passion for photography. I mostly asked her to join this blog because I haven’t learned and gathered enough Vietnamese recipes and I want this project to keep growing, even after my departure, because Vietnam has given me so much.

 This is what Banana will take care of, every now and then, when she finds the time between her busy lifestyle. I’m so happy she agreed to guestblogging and I can’t wait to see her posts. She will be able to not only hand on recipes to you, but for sure also tell you about Vietnamese stories. Maybe she can even keep the Diary up to date every now and then, from another perspective, a VNese person about all the ‘Tây’ in the city.

 ‘La vie est une aventure, ose la’ says a tattoo that graces her shoulder. Life is an adventure, make use of it!

 Thank you Banana!




575557_10152823380040277_85262512_nYou know when you haven’t seen people for a long time, you forget many things, like the way they laugh? Thinking about how in a few words I could best describe why I wanted Jasmin to guestblog, she started laughing real loud in my head :D. I know EXACTLY what her laughter sounds like. I spend lots of time with Jasmin, kind of living in the same house in Holland, she is a fascinating girl. Her strongest feature (from my view): She will never get bored! It seems like she simply doesn’t allow herself, there are so many interesting things to do instead! Basically, all kinds of games will do it, from Monopoly through Jenga to Super Mario Cart – I don’t think there’s anybody on this planet who wouldn’t have fun hanging out with Jasmin.

That’s why I adore her new project (after finishing ‘ Management of Cultural Diversity  ‘ Degree in the Netherlands and while currently being trained to be a NLP Practitioner and Business Coach) ‘Jasmin’s Coaching’ so much. ‘Themed’ by the famous phrase ‘When I get sad, I stop being sad and be awesome instead’ she tries to guide people to the key of happiness and out of the ‘quarter life crisis’ – It is all up to you and lies in your hands. Happiness is an attitude.

Her blog came right on time for me – being in a quarter life crisis without being aware of it – and is giving me a lot of positive energy and motivation. As her blog is in German, I asked her if she would be interested in translating some of the posts to English from time to time, and posting them on ZUPAdream. I’m very glad to announce that she said yes and is ready to infect you as well with her positivity!

Thank you so much Jazzy!

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