1 min reading: the tale of a loner

The other day I was talking to a girl.

She told me that her whatever the fuck we call him went at her for however the fuck she felt like being at a party.

She walked through a park and found a tense looking couple playing a game.

Being frustrated cause of the attack on her personality, she thought ‘another couple that needs a stay together program’.

why does being two have to be so much work?

Why does it have to BE?
Why is it only when you’re alone that you can just be

Do what you really like to do.

hey, why can you not just BE together?
Sit next to each other.
and let each other be?

Not worrying about saying the
right things
doing the
right things
to comfort what society calls ‘your other half’.

She feels
Like option B
Being (alone)
Is the only truth
In a Plan A vs. Plan A world.


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