A quick Sunday morning brunch with ‘Scrambled Eggs Mediterranean Style’


Sunday is the perfect day to focus on good food, and start the day with good food. For everyone whose priority usually isn’t  breakfast but rather sleep the 20 minutes more that it takes to make and eat it up, use the weekend, sleep in and have everything you’re dreaming about for breakfast – make it brunchie!

You can of course design your brunch however you want, sweet, salty, usually a combination of both, a variety of things, whatever you are longing for. Here, I just want to motivate you to do it and I also want to pass my favorite scrambles eggs on to you.

What you see above was a brunch for only 2 people that I made for the lovely lady who welcomed me to Vancouver and let me stay at her place for a whole weekend, which apparently passed by in the blink of an eye. I was more than happy that she liked the tiny brunch that I prepared for the two of us on Sunday :).

So, bacon and eggs is kind of the essence. That’s understandable, right? I fried the bacon first, you don’t need oil for that, and fried onions and mushrooms in the fat that dripped out of the bacon.

And now here it comes. I’ve tried hundreds of variations on scrambled eggs, simple and with a few other ingredients, but this one always turns out to be loved the most by friends and family. A thinly sliced onion goes first, fry it a little bit. Scramble your eggs to your preference (I started liking them lightly mixed, so you get different chunks in your eggs), add salt, pepper and some ripped basil to it. add it to the pan and a moment later, throw your sliced feta cheese in so you allow it to melt a bit. Don’t fry it for too long, you want your eggs to stay wet and juicy. So right before it starts turning firm everywhere, throw sliced tomatoes in and turn the heat down when they get warm but don’t yet start to water and fall apart!

This is how you create ‘Scrambled Eggs Mediterranean Style’. Try it out! A more rustic version of this one which I also love to make would be using sliced ham & and any kind of ripened / alpine cheese. And instead of basil add paprika spice powder and parsley to the eggs. And boom! There you go :)

Please feel free to share your favorite brunch ideas and recipes!!!!!!

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