Carrot Pork Stew – A real German Oma recipe

How tempting does a Carrot Stew sound to you? Probably not that attractive. How about if I tell you about the potatoes and the pork that is part of it? A bit more? Alright, let’s see what I can do….

This is a very traditional German thing to eat. But for sure each and everyone has its own way of cooking it, as always. When I cook a stew, I want a stew, not a soup, which means I cook it super thick. All you need to achieve that is lots of potatoes in your carrot stew! you cook it long enough for the carrots to soften and your potatoes to mostly mash.

What you need:

let’s say…

  • (1kg) carrots
  • (800g) potatoes
  • Pork knuckle (as much as you want, I suggest at least 600g
  • Onions
  • Parsley & Dill
  • Sour Cream
  • Salt & Pepper
  • Nutmeg

…about 2 hours before you want to start cooking your actual stew, put some salt and pepper on your pork and cook it for at least 1 1/2 hour, until the meat literally falls apart when you touch it with a fork! mhhhhhh…..


– peel and cut your carrots…
– do the same with your potatoes…(can be a bit thicker than the carrots)
– cut thin slices of a big onion
– cut parsley and dill (be careful with the dill, use a little at the begin and adjust later to your taste) and mix it with about 300g of sour cream.

  • fry your onions in a huge pot until soft
  • add carrots, fry for a few minutes
  • add potatoes
  • add the broth in which you cooked your pork knuckle (keep the knuckle at the side)
  • let boil without lid on top until carrots soften and potatoes almost mash
  • add sour cream and sliced meat to it
  • use whatever spices you want: salt, pepper & nutmeg would make the classics!

+++ If you want to add some deliciousness and fat; cut bacon in square slices, fry it and decorate your stew with it!

Serve with bread :)


PS. of course this recipe can be made veggie, I think you can figure out how :)

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