Spiced Blackberry Jam – Apple & Coriander

– German Recipe –

Coming to Canada, money short, expenses high, we figured, use the natural sources! Pick some Blackberries, cook Jam, sell the Jam to some rich people living Downtown Vancouver.

Well…we never ended up selling any, as prices for Farmer’s Markets were too high, but, the Jam tastes great anyways!

We cooked almost 30 jars, using different techniques and recipes, and this ‘German Spice’ recipe turned out best, for thickness and taste!


1kg of Blackberries


1kg of Sugar (I know…gross.)
1kg of Apples
1 table-spoon of coriander

Peel and slice your apples in small cubes. In a pot, boil your blackberries and apples in water until cooked, then strain it too loose the liquid. Back in the pot, add the sugar to it, stir and cook until the consistency get’s jelly. Take a spoon of it out and let it cool down on a plate to see if it stays thick, if not, simmer it a little more. The apples help a lot to gelatilize  your jam. This way, you don’t need to add any chemical thickener!

Add the coriander at the end, use it carefully and see how much you like in it! Fill the jam in sanitized jars when boiling hot and close immediately with sealing lids.

Outstandingly tasty, on bread with butter or cream cheese!

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