Sopa de Pollo & Papas ! Argentinian Chicken Potato Stew

Hello Friends!

I know, I know, you don’t wanna hear it. But. It is getting closer. To. Fall. Summer is almost over. BUT (!!) think about the layers of clothes you are going to be wearing as it get’s colder and colder, and the layers around your body that are going to be hidden and are waiting to be stuffed with delicious, warming food.

Like Stews.

I am a big fan of STEWS. :)

And this one is one of my favorites. Thick, filling, warming, but a fresh taste of summer just being around the corner through a mix of fantastic ingredients. I got this recipe from the beautiful Silvina who is mentioned a few more times on this blog, but please, feel free to compare with other versions and gooooogle


Go shopping for:

1 big onion
1 Leek
some bacon
about 6 chicken thighs (without bones & skin), marinated earlier with salt, pepper & oregano
3 to 4 big Potatoes
Chicken broth
2 garlic gloves

Start roasting onions, garlic (you can add them at one piece and even unpeeled, depending on how strong you want it to taste) and bacon n olive oil. After a few minutes, add chicken thighs, and a couple of more minutes, your peeled and cubed potatoes.

Add real chicken broth or hot water with chicken stock to it, all ingredients should be covered! Let it slow cook for about 45 minutes to an hour.


Take the chicken thighs out when nice and tender and cut the meat like in the picture. Your potatoes should be really soft now which is perfect for what comes next: You can either make it a really creamy soup and blend it all together, I didn’t have a blender so I just mashed most of the potatoes and I really liked how it turned out. A thick stew but with chunks of potatoes, bacon and onions!

After mashing / blending your soup as much as you like, put the chicken back in. If you find your stew not thick enough, you can add some cream to it or prepare thickener by heating up milk and mixing some flour in!

Serve with some bread and add Parsley and fresh sliced Onions to it, if you want to!


And, don’t forget to watch this show just to get the real Argentinian spirit into your kitchen :)

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