Lunch Lady in Ho Chi Minh

Hey Saigonese! Delicious or not?! Go give it a try :)

Frenchy Diary

YES ! Since I am here, everybody is talking about LUNCH LADY….

Who is She? Why does everyone is so obsessed with this Lunch Lady? Why?

And I found out … ! :) Lunch lady is a street food place to eat in Saigon, nothing special, just a good address! Come and meet her on Hoang Sa street in District 1 and try one of her delicious soup. It is a different one every day and it is like that since 15 years!

I found out on google that she can do pho, mien ga, bun thit nuong, nem nuong, cha gio, mi quang, bun cha ca. I have been only once so I haven’t tried any of these but I will be back for sure :) Moreover, it’s cheap!

Yum’ Yummm’


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