Monday Noon? The perfect time for a ‘Breakfast Quesadilla’ and an earl grey lemon tea!

I got the day off and got up late, as usual when there’s nothing craning me out of bed…. when I finally got up, I of course didn’t think about all the human stuff that you should go through in the…you know, breakfast and stuff.

I worked on ZUPAdream’s new design that is going to be published at the end of the month for its first anniversary. Be excited, I am :)) Well, anyways, as my stomach started grumbling I wondered what our fridge would give away this morning. As I help out a dear beloved Mexican family with their work, we always have some tortillas and fresh salsa at home (god bless them).

1 egg left.

Lucky me!!!!!

I fry my egg from both sides for a short minute, put two tortillas in the pan, cover half of it with a thin layer of cheese, cut my egg in half and add a half on each of the cheese layers.


More cheese!


A good table spoon of red salsa on top.

Flap the empty half of your tortilla over and press against the filled half so they stick together and become = QUESADILLA!

Flip over to roast from both sides.



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