Vancouver Diary: Wreck Beach

Today I wonder about: Nudity.


Wreck Beach is a nude beach on Vancouver’s West coast, surrounded by forest and cliffs, and encircled by UBC. The University of British Columbia. Argument enough to enroll? I think so.

But what do we wonder about today. how is nudity such a highly controversial and disputed topic in our society? How come the points of views and differences are so huge? Take a 30 minute trip and I am sure you can meet someone downtown who is against girls wearing shorts, skirts, cleavage, whatever, showing too much skin. Then wander down to wreck beach and find yourself in an old hippie commune! people, all ages and gender, feeling as comfortable as they could, finally being free, being naked, with so many strangers around them! And others dressed or in swim suits, not feeling bothered at all. Others that come for the experience and discuss whether they should take their clothes off or not.

All in all, it was a refreshing and very interesting experience to me, and it’s not only because of its natural beauty that I loved Wreck Beach so much. In the end, it is enlightening how tiny a difference it makes if the person you’re talking to is dressed or naked.


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