Vietnamese on Victoria Drive – Kensington Vancouver BC

Victoria Drive is your way to go if you are in Vancouver, craving Vietnamese. Apparently Chinese restaurants are also outstanding, but I don’t feel like I can judge this in the same way.

But anyways. This is where you want to go. Between some of the thousands of Pho restaurants that you can find all over the place, here, you get the real deal.

Mi Quang and Bun Bo Hue, specialties from the center of Vietnam at ‘Hoi An Cafe‘ (5002 Victoria Drive, Vancouver), really delicious, BUT, the winner by far is

‘Bun Cha Ca Cafe Hoang Yen’ย (5054ย Victoria Drive). Outstanding. The Bun Ca, a fish soup cooked with Dill is so wonderfully fresh and flavorful, yet easy to adapt to our western taste. My number one suggestion. If you’ve been to Vietnam and know that you like Bun Mam, get it.

Bun Mam is another of Vietnam’s famous fish soups, and it is most known to have a strong fish smell that most foreigners can’t stand. It not only has cooked fish filet in it, but also shrimps, fish cakes, delicious pork belly pieces, and if you find a great place, a big long chili stuffed with ground meat, and, very particular for it, eggplant. I love it. Oh I love it. I hope they are not closed right now so I can try their Bun Rieu (Red Crab Soup) before moving to Calgary. I know I know…my problems are pretty serious.

2013-09-10 13.30.17

Those are my favorites on the menu, but everything else seriously looks sooo good. The fresh salad spring rolls that you can get as a combo with your main, taste just as homemade from my friends neighbor Chau in Saigon. Rice Paper wrapped around ‘vermicelli’ noodles, green salad and shrimps and to be dipped in a peanut sauce with fresh peanut crumbles.

Are you drooling yet????? I am. I am going.

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