10 Apps for critical times

Are you in a crisis?

Don’t worry, I am sure there’s an app for that. I am a huge app addict myself and find an app for every critical situation of my daily life. So, here is my top ten list of apps for critical times for you (as far as I know they are available for iPhone and Android users alike).


1) Save your ideas

How do I remember anything? Thanks to this fantastic app, I can save every idea my head ever generates and even organize them into different categories, such as epic ideas or green ideas.



2) Evernote

Are you one of those people that get stressed with all the information they have? Never again, Evernote lets you write down notes with pictures, audio notes, etc. It is even recommended by time management professionals, so there is some legitimacy to it.



3) MedSecLite

A funny Buddha gives you daily wisdoms to put a smile on your face every day.



4) Disaster Radar

Crisis avoidance is also a great way to stay clear of even getting into one! Worldwide disaster updates, so you can stay clear of them!



5) RTM – Remember the Milk

Reminder and to-do list with a cow. I’d say you can’t do better than that!



6) Paul the Octopus Oracle

You remember Paul, the football crazy octopus that got all the scores correct? He has been revived specially for you, so he can help you out with your decisions too!



7) Sidereel

Are you also annoyed, because you keep rewatching the same episode, only because you cannot remember which was the last one you’ve seen? Never lose an overview of your series again and get updates on when an episode is airing. (Yes, Game of Thrones and Gilmore Girls, I admit to it)



8) Inkflow

No pen and paper at hand? Who even uses that anymore. Quickly sketch pictures for your friends or not down some notes.



9) Inflow

Stay up to date with yours and your friends’ emotional ups and downs. Give each other hi-fives or cheer them up with their favorite song.



10) Zynga Poker

Ever wondered what it is like to be a Millionaire? Zynga Poker makes it possible! I can tell you, it was an amazing day!

Originally posted on JasminsCoaching in German.

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